Title - Hanging Crane Picture Title - Hilary and Brian
What Else?
H&B in FranceHilary and Brian met in the summer of 2000 when the commercial real estate firm where Hilary worked was a client of the company where Brian worked. As we were both planning to move, a mutual friend suggested we might like to be roommates, and introduced us.

The roommate thing didn't pan out, but at the same time Hilary was in the process of defecting from one company to the other, which made for a lot of meetings at BigBad, after which the aforementioned friend (unbeknownst to both of us) played the old "let's all go out for dinner....oh wait, I'm not going after all" trick. More than once, actually. By the time Hilary started work at BigBad, Brian had already taken her to the Nader for President rally, and we were smitten all around. The early days of our courtship consisted of a great deal of instant messaging from one side of the room where we worked to the other, about 15 feet away. During this time, paper cranes - made from candy bar wrappers and post-it notes - appeared frequently on Hilary's desk.
Cass already lived with Brian, and shortly after we moved in together, Logan joined the family. We call them 'the kittens' despite the fact that they are both huge.

Japanese legend holds that folding 1000 cranes (senbazuru) so pleases the gods that the folder is granted a wish. During the fall of 2000, Hilary began folding cranes out of mementos from places we'd gone together - chinese takeout menus, programs from plays, more wrappers - and in the summer of 2002, she gave them to Brian for his birthday. (You can see them under glass in our apartment, but only she knows what the wish was.)